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Frequently asked questions

1. What does EN - FIST stand for?

EN-FIST is an abbreviation that stands for Excellent NMR – Future Innovation for Sustainable Technologies. The arrow pointing from left to right represents the way EN works towards FIST. Fist initially stands for the way indicating a goal oriented view of the Centre of Excellence regarding the formation of partnerships with the companies.  Accordingly our logo was developed:

2. Can companies that aren't the founders also cooperate with EN-FIST Centre of Excellence?

Yes, of course, all the companies from Slovenia and abroad can cooperate with us. Please contact us on info@enfist.si and we will be delited to help you.

3. How can EN-FIST Centre of Excellence help us with a specific problem better than one of the founding companies?

Centre of Excellence has been founded with the intention of integrating science with companies. The sole definition of research projects conducted in the Centre of Excellence has been based on multidisciplinary cooperation of experts in various fields, able to take advantage of the synergies, different views and ways of problem solving.