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Discovery of new designed smart nanostructures
Members of the Laboratory for Biotechnology Ki and EN-FIST have invented a new way of preparing protein structures.
Introduction EN-FIST CE in the journal PS Public Service Review
EN-FIST CE and NMR Centre were presented in an international journal PS Public Service Review.
Mobile application enTemp
Within R&DP09, employees developed mobile application enTemp for monitoring temperature reactions via cell phone.

EN-FIST Centre of Excellence

In EN-FIST Centre of Excellence we are providing the best research and development support to companies in the fields of our expertise in chemistry, physics, pharmacy and other interdisciplinary fields.

We are conducting research covering various multidisciplinary areas of life science and advanced new materials. We are specialized in creating new compounds and materials including determining their structure and characterization with different methods.

Our know how includes:

  • ways to perform structure determination, characterization and study interactions of nucleic acids, proteins and their targets, small organic molecules and “smart” materials (NMR, VS, X-ray, MRI),
  • asymmetric organic synthesis,
  • synthetic biology,
  • ways to develop drug delivery systems based on dendrimers,
  • ways to develop materials for thermal memory, superconductors and hydrogen storage,
  • developing new active pharmaceutical ingredients,
  • analytics of organic molecules (MS, TLC-MS).